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Want a feeling?

Do you? Welcome to the Care Bears stamping community.

Want a Feeling?
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All Members , Moderated
Hello, and welcome to the humble abode known here by within as Darklore Manor.

If you’ve come here that probably means you’re interested in seeing which Care Bear or Care Bear Cousin you are most like. You know, those fuzzy little bears that with their help of their cousins go around spreading love and caring throughout the world? Or perhaps you’re like me and want to see if you have what it takes to destroy these feelings. This thing they call love.

And who, who am I?

I am Darkkkkkkkkkk Heartttttttttttttttt!!!


Rules (Obey them or pay a very high price)

1. You must join to post. You do not have to be stamped in order to vote on others, but you must join the community.

2. No anonymous commenting or posting.

3. Fill out the short survey provided below. This is to help us get to know you a little better. At the end of the survey, you may post up to, but no more than three pictures if you’d like. This is NOT a requirement, but some people like to see one another. The survey and pictures (if applicable), must be below an lj-cut. Unsure of how to do a cut? Look here under FAQ

4. In the subject line of your entry post, please put "Do I Care?" This is so I know you've read the rules.
(*This and the LJ-cut rule are a MUST. You won't get votes otherwise. And members that see your lack of title/improper title are expected to ignore your application. If this is not followed I will comment and tell you to fix your app. I will give you two consecutive days to change it or your post will be deleted. You're welcome to post again, this time properly.)

5. At no point in your application should you tell us what your favourite character is. This could lead to biased results. We want your character to be determined by who you are, not who you like.

6. If you're using pictures no excessive PhotoShopping. Removing red-eye is one thing (unless your eyes just happen to be red), but morphing your features entirely is quite another, unless you have proof that you are a shape-shifter. Your pictures also must be large enough that we can see you, and clear enough that we know you're a person and not an enormous amoeba.

7. If you would like to dress up for your photos, you may. At least one "normal" picture would be appreciated.

8. If anyone pointed you in our direction, please credit them in your entry post so that I may thank our promoters.

9. You will have three days to garner votes. After that, you will be stamped with the character most prevalent in the votes.

10. And you may also wish to have this thing they call fun, it’s a rating community, so go for it.



Any nicknames?

Age (no under 13):


Zodiac sign:





Strong points:

Weaker points:

Favourites: (Explain why if you want to, though the last one is NOT an option)










Historical era, and why:

If you could live anywhere in the world for one year, where would you go, and why?:

What historical, mythological, or legendary character do you most identify with, and why?

Do you have any creative talents?:

Are you willing to accept cross-gendered votes/stamps?

Anything else we should know?:

This is where you post your pictures if you’re doing so:

Rules on Voting

1. To vote on new applicants, pick a character or two (if you must) from the list below. Bolding your vote makes things easier on your mod.

2. If you can, please give an explanation! They don't have to be elaborate, but enough to give the person a clue.

3. Please only vote on characters who have stamps available. It’s not fair that they get a vote for something they won’t be able to get stamped as. Sure you can mention it if you see something to tell the person who you may also see in them, but don’t count it as your vote(s).

4. No nastiness or flaming, or the wrath of the mod will come down on you. Sure I’m known for being spiteful, but for the sake of LJ I will follow their rules so that we don’t get kicked off and have this community closed. Just watch out, I’ll be keeping my eyes on you.

5. Please put the word "stamped" somewhere in the title line of all your entries following your introductory post. This helps keep me organized so I know who you are.

Stamped Members & Tally

View Character Descriptions here

Available Stamps

Care Bears:

Baby Hugs
Baby Tugs
Bedtime Bear
Birthday Bear
Champ Bear
Cheer Bear
Friend Bear
Funshine Bear
Good Luck Bear
Grams Bear
Grumpy Bear
Harmony Bear
Love-a-lot Bear
Secret Bear
Share Bear
Take Care Bear
Tenderheart Bear
True Heart Bear
Wish Bear

Care Bear Cousins:

Brave Heart Lion
Bright Heart Raccoon
Cozy Heart Penguin
Gentle Heart Lamb
Lotsa Heart Elephant
Loyal Heart Dog
Noble Heart Horse
Playful Heart Monkey
Proud Heart Cat
Swift Heart Rabbit
Treat Heart Pig




Dark Heart
Professor Cold Heart


Community Promotions & Affiliates:

7strd_castaways (Gilligan's Island)
ag_stamps (American Girl)
animaniacrating (Animaniacs)
brady_stamps (The Brady Bunch)
bsc_stamped (Babysitters' Club)
color_kids (Rainbow Bright)
corpsebriderate (Corpse Bride)
dose_of_comedy (Tiny Toon Adventures)
fraggle_ratings (Fraggle Rock)
go_mirror_force (Yu-Gi-Oh! based on looks)
gwstamps (Gundam Wing)
gx_rating (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
hairspraystamps (Hairspray)
house_stamped (House)
hsr_ratings (Homestar Runner)
keybladerating (Kingdom Hearts)
mirror_animate (Animated Female Characters' based on looks)
nowthenstamps (Now and Then)
oc_stamping (The OC)
of_fantasy (80's Fantasy Movies)
peanuts_patch (Peanuts)
ppg_ratings (Powerpuff Girls)
playhouse_gang (Pee-Wee's Playhouse)
strawberrystamp (Old-school Strawberry Shortcake)
trueduelist (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters)
tsubasa_mirror (Tsubasa RESERvoir CHRoNiCLE based on looks)

And be sure and visit stamping_comms for all your stamping community needs